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Squirrel Removal Thornhill

Got squirrels in your attic in Thornhill?

In Thornhill squirrels are all around us. In the trees, by the side walk and sometimes even in your attic! We can't live without them but we also need to protect our family and property against the hazards associated with squirrels such as property damage and disease. When it comes to Squirrel Removal Thornhill, it's always best to have a professional company remove it for you. Squirrels will attack if cornered. When squirrels have become a nuisance, that's when we come in. With many years of experience we have created a guaranteed way for getting rid of nuisance squirrels. Our work is 100% guaranteed and backed by the best customer service in the GTA. Before taking any action call for a free consulation1-866-650-1811and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.


The Eastern Gray Squirrel is a common nuisance animal here in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). They are one of the most likely animals to get into your house, and live in the attic, soffit, or walls. You may hear them scampering around in the ceiling in the morning and evening or throughout the day. Squirrels are active during the day. They eat all variety of nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Everyday they are on a mission to gather and store precious food. They forget about 20% of the seeds they bury which is good for the ecosystem. The female squirrels give birth twice a year, in both August and February, and they love to have the babies in the attic. They bring nesting material into the house, and leave behind waste. They need to chew to wear down their ever growing teeth, and thus pose a risk of chewing on electrical wires in attics, which can cause a fire hazard. They also chew on the wood in the attic and outside the home. We remove all of the squirrels in the attic in a humane manner. Most of the times we use a one-way door to allow the squirrels to come out on their own and not be able to get back in.

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